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Small Business & Production Support Services




Innovative manager, coordinator and bookkeeper with a proven track record of effective organizational and management skills with a rich business and public relations background. Utilize strong interpersonal and communication skills to motivate staff/crew to increase efficiency and profit margin


Need someone to take charge of settiing up the office management procedures of your small business?Let me handle the work load that keeps you from being productive.   

Hire me for your next television commercial production. Serving outside Producers and Production Companies.   Click here to see my list of support services.

I have 20 years of work experience in the field of bookkeeping I will get it done quickly and efficiently.  Time is money.  Spend it wisely.


“I found working with Valerie on the creation of mywebsite quite enjoyable! I felt that every step of the way, Valerie’s desire was to achieve my ideals, she wasn’t afraid to offer her suggestions… I appreciated her enthusiasm and commitment!  She is trustworthy, approachable, knowledgeable, resourceful, caring and friendly.”

Paulette Peterson, Lolo, MT

“Valerie, was a joy to work with and I loved watching her run circles around the rest of the crew with her vibrant energy. She is kind, professional, and a great communicator. I would love to work her again!”

Dan Taraborrelli, San Francisco, CA

“Valerie is a great bookkeeping partner for our firm. In addition to her integrity and diligent bookkeeping efforts, she demonstrate terrific attention to detail and keeps our firm's finances on track.  She is truly an asset that contributes to our firm's success..”

Jeff Major, Winter Park, Florida

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